What can I expect at my first visit with Dr Joe Bhat?

Implant treatment at Moor Park could not be easier. A one hour appointment with Dr Joe Bhat will be used to discuss your concerns and needs, this may include x-rays, written reports, a suggested treatment plan and cost estimates. A fee is payable for this appointment, please ask for details. The written report will be forwarded to your regular dentist with a copy of the report and costs sent directly to you. Naturally, some cases will be more complex than others and you may require a CT scan in order for Dr Joe Bhat to arrive at a definite diagnosis and plan. Once you have received your proposed treatment plan it is usual for us to contact you to check if you require further information.

Implant treatment is usually carried out under local anaesthetic. For those of a nervous disposition we offer oral or intravenous sedation or treatment under general anaesthetic as a day patient at Bishop's Wood Hospital.

Thanks to modern materials and techniques, treatment time for dental implants has dramatically reduced to just over 2 months compared to 6 months previously. We may also be able to offer "immediate" implants depending on your case.

We can assess your suitability for Immediate Dental Implants at this visit.


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