What do you need to have dental implant surgery?

Dental implants from Dr Joe Bhat will require a minimum amount of healthy bone for the dental implant to be secured to. At your first consultation he will be able to inform you if you don’t have the correct amount of healthy bone. If this is the case do not fear, as there are many options to consider that could rectify this issue and give you the smile you have always wanted.

Bone grafting

Dental Implants SurgeryNatural teeth are supported by the roots in our jaw. When a natural tooth is lost, the missing root will leave an open space. As there is no root to stimulate the surrounding bone, this can cause the remaining bone in the area to collapse.

If there is too much bone loss, it may be very difficult to place an implant due to lack support in the jawbone. Therefore, Dr Joe Bhat may recommend a preventative measure to preserve the natural contours of that area using a bone grafting procedure. This can maintain the surrounding bone for future tooth replacement.

With a bone graft, you can have the opportunity to not only replace bone where it is missing, but it can also provide the ability for new bone growth. This not only gives Dr Joe Bhat the opportunity to place your dental implants with sufficient support, but also gives him the ability to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance.

In rare cases the quality of the bone may be just too poor, making the bone unsuitable for placement of dental implants. In these situations, there is no need to worry as Dr Joe Bhat can talk you through other options available for improving your smile.

Sinus augmentation

The key to successful dental implants is the quality and quantity of jawbone to which the implant will be attached. If bone loss has occurred due to injury or gum disease, a sinus augmentation can raise the sinus floor, allowing for new bone formation for your dental implant to fix securely to.

A sinus augmentation is one of the most common procedures for our patients with bone loss in the upper jaw.