The causes of tooth loss and ways to combat it

There are many reasons why we lose teeth. Tooth loss can be an extremely stressful experience, but with the help of modern dentistry, you can combat tooth loss by replacing your teeth with ones that work as well as your originals.

Crowns, bridges and even dentures can be supported by dental implants. Dentist Joe Bhat is a leading surgeon in the field of dental implant technology. With over 300 dental practices referring to him, he’s a great choice for this life-changing treatment.

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Joe Bhat DentistWhy do we lose teeth?

Many patients come to dentist Joe Bhat asking why they lost teeth in the first place.

Tooth loss is a problem that mostly affects older people, but it can happen to younger people. One of the most important factors in preventing tooth loss from ever happening is caring for your teeth.

Brushing at least twice a day, flossing and using anti-bacterial mouthwash should help to reduce the risk of tooth loss.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to dental cavities. Cavities develop when tooth decay takes hold of your teeth. Tooth decay is mostly caused by plaque build-up on the surface of the tooth. Plaque is a collection of bacteria that live on your teeth, and if left to build up can cause decay and gum disease.

When plaque builds up, it gives off acids. It is these acids that attack and erode the tooth enamel. When the enamel is eroded, causing cracks and holes, then bacteria can get into the dentin below and cause decay.

Gum disease and tooth loss

Gum disease is another leading cause of tooth loss. The build-up of plaque can also be blamed for gum disease, as well as habits like smoking.

Over time gum disease weakens your gums, and can attack the bone that holds your teeth in place, and they can become loose and even fall out.

Thankfully, practitioners like dentist Joe Bhat offer reliable and practical treatments like dental implants to replace any number of missing teeth. If looked after correctly, dental implants could provide a lifetime of service.