Support for complex cases

Joe Bhat is proud of his commitment to patients who rely him to help with their dental implant needs. You may be suffering with issues relating to appearance, difficulty eating or speaking or problems with self-esteem resulting from missing teeth. If you have heard of dental implants, you will know that they offer a secure, long-term solution in terms of replacing lost teeth, even if you need a whole set. Many people have been told that they cannot have implants because of insufficient bone density or poor oral health, but Joe Bhat deals with complicated cases on a daily basis and may be able to help you.

Dental Implants in HertfordLooking after you as an individual

When you see Joe Bhat, he treats you as an individual and tailors a programme of treatment to meet your requirements. Your initial appointment will result in a comprehensive written report, x-rays, a treatment plan and a guide to predicted expenditure so you know what to expect. You will also be able to discuss requirements for analgesics and options such as sedation, if required. He works with a team who receive regular training and the practice is equipped with modern technology so you can be assured that work will be carried out to advanced standards in a comfortable environment.

Solutions for difficult cases

Joe Bhat uses a variety of techniques to ensure that you can receive implants if you need them. Dental implants are metal screws that are inserted into the jaw to replace tooth roots and then act as a stable base for crowns, bridges or dentures. Some people have inadequate bone density due to illness or simply because gaps in the mouth lead to the tissues shrinking back. The jawbone and gums recede when they are not stimulated by the roots of the teeth during biting and chewing. In this case, you might receive zygomatic implants, which are longer, so that they can reach the stable upper jawbone. Joe Bhat can also use bone grafts, which takes bone from another part of your body to stabilise the tissues of the jaw.

Join the hundreds of people who trust Joe Bhat to restore their teeth and enjoy the benefits of dental implants for yourself.