Specialist treatment for tooth loss with Joe Bhat in Hertford

Dental implant treatment can be a daunting prospect, especially after the stress of tooth loss. Though it is somewhat intimidating, we do stress the importance of considering your options for tooth replacement. With tooth loss, time is of the essence as your remaining teeth may be at risk.

With Joe Bhat in Hertford, you are invited for an hour-long consultation in which you will discuss your needs and concerns, helping put your mind at ease. This consultation may include some x-rays, a written report, a suggested treatment plan, and some discussion about cost and payment. All of this information will be shared with your usual dentist, so that they are kept thoroughly in the loop.

Joe Bhat in HertfordModern dental implant treatment with Joe Bhat

Dental implant treatment involves a minor surgical procedure. During this procedure, you will be given local anaesthetic to keep your discomfort to a minimum. However for particularly anxious patients, dental sedation is also an option.

The procedure involves the insertion of a titanium screw that, over time, will integrate with the natural material of your jawbone, creating a stable, durable anchor for your custom-made crown to be attached.

Implants can be used to replace any number of teeth, from single missing teeth to a whole set. Just one implant is needed to secure several neighbouring replacement teeth.

If you have any questions regarding what dental implants can help with, ask our specialist Joe Bhat in Hertford.

Benefits of dental implant treatment

Dental implants provide the most stable and durable solution for tooth loss. As they integrate with the jawbone, they are the closest thing to a natural tooth. If you want a treatment that works with your body to keep you smiling, dental implants may be a good option for you.

Custom-made crowns are made to match your remaining teeth for a natural look to complement the natural feel of the dental implants. Having healthy teeth helps keep your whole body feeling good by allowing you to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. You can also benefit from a confident smile, without worrying about gaps in your teeth.