Skills and experience

The dentist, Joe Bhat has placed over 5,500 dental implants.He has lectured on the subject of implant dentistry many times, both in the UK and internationally. He helps other dentists to gain the skills and experience necessary to excel in the placement of dental implants. At his Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre in London, you’ll find a friendly team of contemporary dental professionals who provide a high level of care for complex tooth replacement needs.

Joe-Bhat-DentistAs an internationally-renowned and thoroughly experienced dentist, Joe Bhat accepts referrals from over 300 other dentists whose patients require a rare level of quality care. Whatever has led to your tooth loss, Dr Bhat and his team will be able to restore your dental function and enhance your aesthetic appeal.

A range of complex care

Tooth loss can happen for several reasons. You may have experienced long-term decay and disease, or a sudden fracture due to injury. You may be missing just a single tooth, or a whole set of them. Dissatisfaction can take many forms, from not being able to enjoy your food properly, to feeling like you want to hide your smile when photographs are being taken.The dentist Joe Bhat can provide you with fully-functioning, durable, and great-looking new teeth. Complex cases are approached with a wealth of knowledge and an appetite for success. The results can be hugely beneficial to your quality of life as well as your dental function.

If you already wear removable dentures, they can be stabilised using implants. This can free you from the need to use adhesives, and enable a better overall experience of eating, drinking, and speaking.

A patient process

As a knowledgeable and meticulous contemporary dentist, Joe Bhat will create a customised plan and explain the stages of your treatment before the process gets underway.The exact duration will vary, depending on the complexity of your needs. Usually, a short period of healing is required between the placement of the implants into the jawbone, and the attachment of the new teeth to the implants. Around two months is a typical treatment time. The oral health and cosmetic benefits of your new teeth will last for many years.