Restoring your smile to full health

Good dental care includes restorative dentistry to ensure you enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. This is what Joe Bhat, dentist in Hertford, is dedicated to. One condition that increasingly affects people as they age, but can also result from accident or injury, is tooth loss. While traditional dentures are a common solution, there are downsides.

Over time, dentures can become loose and may not work as effectively as they did when they were first crafted you. This is for a number of reasons. Over time your jawbone deteriorates and your gums recede, as they lack the stimulation once provided by the missing tooth roots. The end result:  a ‘sunken in’ look and ill-fitting dentures. There is a life-changing solution that can help you get back to your usual pace of life.

Dentist in HertfordDo away with denture adhesives with implant-supported dentures

In the past, you may have had to rely on denture adhesives to make your dentures stay in place. Denture adhesives can give you that extra stability but they aren´t a complete solution to the problem.

Dental implants can provide a sturdy anchor for your dentures to attach to. With Joe Bhat, dentist in Hertford, you can have your questions on denture stabilisation answered and start your journey to more secure replacement teeth.

The dental implant procedure with Joe Bhat, dentist in Hertford

You will be invited for a hour-long consultation where you can discuss your needs and concerns. Some x-rays may be taken to more effectively plan your treatment.

Once your treatment is thoroughly planned out, the dental implant, a titanium screw, will be inserted into your jawbone, creating a stable anchor for your dentures to attach to. After having your implants placed, you will need to allow some time for the screw to integrate with your jawbone before your dentures can be attached.

As the implant integrates with the jawbone, the treatment is extremely stable and durable. You can have your existing dentures adapted or you can have a whole new, custom-made set crafted for you, to ensure the best fit possible. Your dentures will work in the same way but will have newfound stability, giving you the confidence to eat what you like.