Replacement teeth with a great future

Joe Bhat is our principal dentist at Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre and is a specialist in both Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics.

dental-implants-londonIt is said that nothing lasts forever, and while that may be true, a dental implant will probably last a lifetime if properly cared for. Since their invention in the late 1950s, dental implants have changed the face of modern dentistry, as well as the faces and smiles of many hundreds of thousands of patients. At Moor Park Dental in London, dental implants are being used to resolve many different oral health issues related to tooth loss that affect our patients.

At our practice in London, dental implants are continuing to help many of our patients enjoy the simple things in life once more; simple things such as biting into a delicious crusty baguette or a crisp apple. Over the past 50 years, dental implants have gradually become the gold-standard for tooth replacement due to their many benefits. The most critical of these is that they feel and look just like your own natural teeth. In fact once they are fully healed and integrated, you may just forget that they are not your own teeth.

Getting down to the root of the problem

When a tooth is lost, the root is removed from the jaw, this results in the loss of bone in the jaw. If the tooth is not replaced, other teeth opposite and adjacent to the gap may start to move out of their correct position resulting in further tooth losses and eventually you will find yourself needing dentures. A dental implant can stop, or at least dramatically slow down this process by taking over the function of the missing root.

The continued stimulation of the bone in the jaw ensures that it continues to grow properly and maintains its structure and its strength. The teeth surrounding the implant also benefit from the restored support and so a single dental implant to replace a tooth can save many more of the remaining teeth.

One for all and all for one

Here at Moor Park Dental in London, dental implants are being used in a wide variety of ways. A single implant can be used to support a crown or a bridge and you can now have new teeth in a day.

Principal Dentist Joe Bhat regularly manages complex clinical restorative problems and places and restores Dental Implants.

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