Questions about dental implants answered

Many of us may have heard how dental implants have changed the world of dentistry forever, but many may not know how and why dental implants have had such a big impact on the way we replace missing teeth.

Implants can change a person’s life by providing stable, usable and natural-looking replacement teeth or securing troublesome dentures so they can be used more effectively.

Dr Joe Bhat is a renowned dental implant surgeon, and received referrals from over 300 dental practices for dental implants. He’s a frequent academic speaker on the subject and one of a handful of UK surgeon with so much experience.

Joe BhatWhat are the costs of dental implants?

Despite the common belief that dental implants are the most expensive treatment, with Dr Joe Bhat, implants are often less expensive than the option of tooth extraction and replacement with a bridge. They are also much more practical than using a removable partial denture.

The exact cost of your dental implant treatment will be provided on the day of your consultation and the current prices are available on the Joe Bhat website. All cases are slightly different, so it’s best to call in for a consultation to get an accurate price estimate and other payment information.

How many teeth can be replaced with implants?

Any number of missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants. Implants can also replace other forms of tooth replacement like bridges and dentures. One missing tooth requires a single implant. Multiple missing teeth can be replaced with a single dental implant depending on their position and the quality and amount of bone at each point of contact.

It’s also possible to join artificial crown to implants using a bridge. Generally, the upper set of teeth require more implants to support tooth replacement.

How do implants help my other teeth?

One of the most important advantages of dental implants is that the stimulation they provide the jawbone can help it to become denser and as a result, stronger and more durable.

If you have any more questions, book an appointment with Dr Joe Bhat.