Missing teeth in the UK? Dental implants can help

It’s no mystery that losing a tooth can cause a lot of unwanted stress in your life. It can also impact more areas of your lifestyle than you might first expect. Having a missing tooth affects the rest of your natural teeth. This is because the surrounding teeth will begin to move into the gap left behind. This can lead to further problems with crooked teeth.

If your tooth has been damaged or lost in an accident or you have lost one or several teeth due to poor dental health, there are many treatments available to you provided by dentist Dr Joe Bhat.

Dental Implants in UKThe use of dental bridges

In the past, after tooth loss, the most viable replacement option would have been the use of a dental bridge. This type of treatment involves attaching a false tooth to the natural teeth either side of the gap. A big problem with this type of replacement is that the teeth either side will need to be damaged to attach the false tooth. The enamel on both teeth will need to be removed and new crowns attached. What’s more, your missing tooth root is not replaced, which can have knock-on effects on the health of your jawbone over time.

A newer wave of treatment for tooth loss

A more modern treatment is now recommended by dentists in the UK. Dental Implants offer a much more stable and more durable treatment. The dental implant treatment involves a minor surgical procedure, where a titanium screw is inserted into your jawbone. This titanium screw acts as an artificial tooth root, fusing with the surrounding bone of the jaw. When this screw has fused to the jaw, a crown is handcrafted and attached to the screw, creating a natural looking tooth replacement.

This treatment is the closest thing to having a natural tooth and comes with advantages with upkeep and durability. In the UK, Dr Joe Bhat is a specialist dentist and is referred to by over 300 dentists for dental implant treatment. If you are considering dental implants in UK then arrange an appointment to start your journey with Dr Joe Bhat today.