Loose dentures? Visit dentist Joe Bhat

Dentures can be a truly life-changing experience for those of us who have lost all of our natural teeth. Dentures can give back the ability to chew and enjoy cooked foods again, which can be a big step towards maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Although dentures can be a huge help when they are first created, they can start to become a problem over time. There are lots of products to combat problems like dentures shifting, but denture adhesives can be a hassle for many people.

Dentist in Joe BhatLuckily, thanks to modern dentistry, you can get your dentures stabilised with dental implants, offering a whole new realm of practicality. Dentist Joe Bhat offers a range of solutions for missing teeth using dental implants.

Why do dentures become loose?

The root of the problem is the lack of a tooth root to stimulate the jawbone. Our jawbones need stimulation to remain in shape and stable. When a single tooth or all of your teeth are lost, the stimulation stops and the jawbone can begin to recede, along with the gums.

Dentures are usually made when a patient has just lost all of their teeth, at this point the jawbone won’t have changed shape that much. But, over time, the changes in shape can cause the dentures to become ill-fitting.

There are a few options that you could choose from when it comes to getting more usability from dentures. Firstly you could have new ones made that could also become ill-fitting over time. Alternatively, you could seek dental implant surgery.

Dental implants with dentist Joe Bhat

Dental implants can be fitted after a small surgical procedure. To fit a screw into the patient’s jawbone, a small hole needs to be created. Once the hole is created and the implant fitted firmly, the bone will begin to heal around the screw. The whole process, from implant placement to fitting of teeth can be completed in as little as six weeks, depending on the shape and healing of your jawbone.

Implants also provide the necessary stimulation to your jawbone, helping to keep the area around your mouth looking natural and youthful.