Healthy mouths and beautiful smiles

At Joe Bhat dentist, we are proud of our commitment to the health and appearance of patients who rely on us. We all know that prevention is better than cure and that looking after your teeth is essential, but we specialise in more complex work to restore missing teeth, correct problems or give yourself a beautiful smile. We encourage regular, comprehensive check-ups for all ages to ensure good oral health and offer a range of corrective and cosmetic treatments. Our experienced dentists work together and we are proud to offer support to our patients whatever their dental problem, even if they are nervous.

Joe Bhat DentistComprehensive care

It is important for children to establish good oral hygiene habits and be comfortable seeing a dentist. For this reason, we encourage regular visits from a young age. Coming to Joe Bhat dentist, means choosing a practice that will treat you as an individual and tailor a programme of treatment to meet your requirements. This means that you know what your schedule and expenditure will be. Our team have regular training and we use modern equipment so you can be assured that work is carried out to advanced standards in a comfortable environment.

Special care for nervous patients

Some people are so nervous about seeing a dentist that they avoid having treatment, even if they really need it. At Joe Bhat dentist, even anxious patients can relax. Our staff are trained to put you at your ease and we can offer techniques sedation if necessary. You can choose from oral, inhalation or intravenous methods depending on what suits you best and how severe your anxiety is. For very difficult procedures or if you are really struggling with the idea of treatment, we can offer general anaesthetic. We are proud of our track record of restoring confidence to people who have had bad experiences with dentists in the past. So, even if you find coming to the dentist difficult, at Joe Bhat dentist, you can still benefit from regular check-ups as well as treatments to improve your oral health, appearance or the functionality of your mouth.

Join the hundreds of patients at Joe Bhat dentist and allow us to restore your faith in the dentist.