Frequently asked questions for Dr Joe Bhat, dentist

Many people have lots of questions about dental implants for Dr Joe Bhat. Dentist, Dr Bhat is one of the UK’s leading implant surgeons. His practice has been dedicated to dental implant surgery for over 16 years and he has placed over 5,500 implants to date.

If you’re looking for some of the best care in the country for dental implants, Dr Joe Bhat dentist is a safe bet.

Joe Bhat DentistFollowing the dental implant’s rise to the top of the preferred treatment list for tooth replacement, many people in the UK have a lot of questions when they are looking for alternative forms of tooth replacement.

Dental implants work with the body’s natural healing function and with the way it creates stability in teeth.

FAQ: Can you replace old tooth replacements with dental implants?

Most common forms of tooth replacement like bridges and dentures can be replaced with dental implants.

If you are a denture user and you’re tired of the impracticalities of dentures, you have two options with dental implants. Firstly you could do away with your dentures altogether and have a full set of dental implant-supported false teeth fitted.

The second option is to have dental implants that can fix your existing dentures in place, increasing their practicality and usability.

Many long-term denture users find that their bone has shrunk and changed shape. This is because our jawbones need stimulation to remain dense and stable. Some cases may require a bone graft for the implant to integrate into.

Dental bridges can also be replaced with dental implants that can support a bridge or a single crown.

FAQ: How long does the treatment take?

Treatment times can vary from person to person depending on many different variable factors. On average, from the time of implant placement to the placing of the first false teeth, treatment times vary between six weeks and six months.

If there is a lack of bone density then treatment times can occasionally stretch beyond six months.

Same day implants can also be offered, but your eligibility needs to be assessed by Dr Joe Bhat at your initial appointment.