Dental implants: your pathway to healthy, restored teeth with dentist Joe Bhat

As your first step on the journey for dental implants, you will need to attend a consultation with dentist Joe Bhat. This is your opportunity to find out more about dental implants and his unique approach to dental care, as well as ask any questions or queries you may have.

Then, if you are interested in proceeding with dental implants, Dr Joe Bhat will book a clinical assessment for you. During this appointment, he will discuss the technical aspects of treatment with you as well as take x-rays and a CT scan of your mouth in order to ensure that you are eligible for dental implants (i.e. check the quality and quality of your jawbone).

By the end of this assessment and if you are cleared for dental implants, Dr Joe Bhat will create a personalised treatment plan outlining proposed timeframes, costs and all the procedures involved.

Joe Bhat DentistWhat to expect during treatment with dental implants

During treatment, you will be kept well-informed of the progress. Implant surgery is not painful, although some patients may experience slight discomfort. If you are particularly nervous about the surgery, dentist Joe Bhat will discuss sedation options with you. You can choose between oral sedation and intravenous sedation in order to feel as relaxed as possible during the procedure.

We want every patient to leave the surgery feeling happy and relaxed, so if there is anything you need please do not hesitate to ask. Patient care does not finish when the surgery is completed – you will have to return after a few weeks in order to have your replacement teeth mounted on top of the dental implants.

We cannot understate the importance of regular dental check-ups and hygienist visits to maintain your oral health. Once your treatment has been completed, you will be provided with comprehensive after care information and instructions and you can always give us a call have any urgent questions or queries about your recovery.

Dr Joe Bhat always keeps a close eye on his patients, ensuring that he continues to provide them with ongoing support with their dental implants and oral health care.