Dental implants with dentist Joe Bhat: a unique treatment journey

If you have missing teeth, or are about to lose a tooth, and are considering the alternatives to life with gaps, dental implants are a viable choice. Unlike conventional bridges and dentures, dental implants fuse with the jawbone and create a strong and sturdy foundation for replacement teeth.

Dentist Joe Bhat will provide you with all the information you may need to make an informed choice about your treatment. He appreciates that every patient’s treatment journey will be as unique as they are, but strives to provide the highest standards of care to every patient. Dr Joe Bhat is happy to share his experience and knowledge with you and answer all the questions you may have about dental implants.

Dentist Joe BhatYour initial consultation

Before he begins your treatment, Dr Joe Bhat will carry a full and thorough examination of your mouth and jaw in order to ensure that you are suitable for treatment. If you have any signs of gum disease, it will need to be treated before he places any dental implants. Similarly, Dr Joe Bhat will also examine the quantity and quality of your jawbone. If there is not enough bone to support a dental implant, then a bone graft or a bone augmentation procedure may be necessary.

Your implant treatment

Implant surgery is much easier for you than you think – the actual surgery rarely exceeds 15 minutes. Your dentist will allow plenty of time to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed, to numb the area, and to chat about any further decisions that may need to be made. Many patients find implant surgery more comfortable than root canal treatment or tooth removal. Dr Joe Bhat is very experienced in implant surgery, so you can relax safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands. Dr Joe Bhat will attach the dental implants into your jawbone and let them heal for a few weeks in order for the jawbone to completely bond with them.

After this, dentist Joe Bhat will uncover your dental implants and attach your replacement teeth. These can be single crowns, bridges or dentures.

To learn more about dental implants or book an appointment, please contact Dr Joe Bhat today.