Dental implants the easy way with Dr Joe Bhat

If you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth you may have found that dental implants are one of the most effective forms of tooth replacement.

You probably also already know that dental implants are a significant investment in your health. If you do think you’re a good candidate for implants, you should consider finding the best care you can to have your surgery.

Dr Joe Bhat is one of the UK’s leading dental implant surgeons, having placed over 5,500 implants over his career. His practice in London has been limited to dental implant surgery for over 16 years. This means that no case is too complex or difficult to be helped with the placement of implants.

Joe BhatYour first visit

If you’re interested in knowing more about dental implants, Dr Bhat holds one-hour appointments to go over the key points of dental implant surgery. Your needs and concerns can all be discussed and if you’re happy to proceed, planning can commence.

Treatment planning may include x-rays, written reports and cost estimates for your information. Some more complex cases may require a CT scan of your jawbone to gain more insight into the condition of your jaw.

Different forms of anaesthetic can also be discussed. The surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic but for nervous patients, Dr Joe Bhat also offers intravenous sedation, oral sedation or treatment under general anaesthetic as a day patient at Bishop’s Wood Hospital.

How dental implants work

Dental implants serve as artificial tooth roots, and are made of titanium or a titanium alloy. Because of the nature of the material, the bone and metal will fuse over time, creating a stable foundation for tooth replacement.

Any number of missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants and if you are a denture user you can have your dentures secured with implants.

Implant placement involves a small hole being created in your jawbone in order for the implant to be secured in place. Once the jawbone has healed around the implant, your tooth replacements can be fitted and you can get back to the same quality of life you had before tooth loss.