An experienced implant dentist

A well-regarded and highly-qualified dentist, Joe Bhat will treat your tooth replacement needs with care and precision. He has placed over 5,500 implants during his many years of clinical practice, and accepts referrals from over 300 other dentists whose patients need complex and careful treatment. At the Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre, the internationally-renowned dentist Joe Bhat and his team provide multi-disciplinary solutions that will improve your dental function and enhance your visual appeal.

Joe Bhat DentistA wide range of experience

As a skilful and dedicated dentist, Joe Bhat is able to provide effective and elegant replacement teeth for a wide variety of problems. Whether your teeth are decayed, fractured, infected, or totally missing, Dr Bhat and his team will work with you to provide fully-functioning replacements. The appearance of the new teeth is given careful consideration so that a natural look is achieved. You’ll regain your ability to bite into food and chew it without fear of dental mishaps, while your smile will look bright and healthy.

If you already wear removable dentures or temporary bridges, your dentist Joe Bhat can use contemporary implant dentistry techniques to stabilise them. This will improve their function and remove the need for you to use adhesives.

A process of consideration

It can take time to complete the process of receiving dental implants. Sometimes, preliminary work is needed to ensure there is sufficient bone density for the implants to be successful. It’s important to ensure your mouth is healthy and clean before work can begin. A period of healing is usually required between the placement of the implants in the jawbone and the attachment of the teeth to the implants. Overall, typical treatment times can be around two months. The exact duration will depend on the complexity of your replacement requirements.

Better dental futures

Replacement teeth from the dentist Joe Bhat are long-lasting and highly effective. By greatly enhancing the overall performance of your teeth, they can improve your quality of life. Plus, by boosting your aesthetic appeal, they can increase your self-confidence.

Joe Bhat is a skilful and considerate contemporary dentist who provides his patients with innovative and durable tooth loss solutions.