A dentist with considerable experience

Dr Joe Bhat is a skilled and knowledgeable dentist. In his many years of high-level clinical experience, he has placed over 5,500 dental implants. There are over 300 other dentists who refer their patients to Dr Joe Bhat for the treatment of complex tooth replacement needs. His Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre in north London is an institution that offers multi-disciplinary dental care in a forward-thinking environment. Your dental needs will be treated with contemporary techniques and considerable attention to detail.

Dental ImplantsReliable adaptations

Dr Joe Bhat can significantly improve your dental function and oral health with a wide variety of treatments. You may have lost a single tooth while playing sports, or a whole set of teeth due to years of decay and disease. You may need a bone graft to ensure you have sufficient bone density for a dental implant to be successful. Perhaps you already wear bridges or dentures, and would like to use implants to secure them in the mouth and relieve you of the need to use messy adhesives. Dr Joe Bhat and his team have a wealth of experience in meeting these needs and providing patients with long-lasting and fully-functioning dental enhancements.

Education and innovation

Dr Bhat qualified as a dentist in 1992. Since then, he has gained many further qualifications, and was awarded a Membership in Restorative Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, in 2001. He runs his own implant dentistry training scheme, and is in demand as a speaker and lecturer both in the UK and internationally. Dentists come to his practice to learn how to enhance their skills and provide improved results for their patients.

Planning and duration

Your treatment with Dr Joe Bhat will proceed according to a carefully-crafted plan. Usually, a period of healing is required between placing the implants in the jawbone and attaching the new teeth to the implants. The exact duration will vary according to the complexity of your needs, but two months is a typical length of time. Once it’s over, you’ll be able to enjoy a significant improvement in your dental function as well as an enhanced aesthetic appeal.